Bank oceanographic data

The subject of the Center covers a very branched area - oceanography-oceanography (in different countries these terms are used either separately or collectively to refer to the entire complex of world ocean sciences), therefore our data bank structure is not fixed, but will be supplemented as new data arrives.

General characteristics of the data bank structure.

Geographic section of the structure.

The highest hierarchy level is the oceans. Divisions - Areas: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern, Arctic.

The middle level - the seas: Azov, Mediterranean, Aegean, Black ...

Lower level - local water areas: the north-western part of the Black Sea, the western chalistas of the Black Sea, the eastern hastys of the Black Sea ...

Expedition section of the structure.

  • Research vessels (hereinafter referred to as "VAT"), their technical characteristics.
  • VAT, number, dates, coordinates.
  • VAT Flights, flight codes, station numbers, station coordinates, research types, and analyzes.
  • Scientific reports of VAT flights.

Thematic section of the structure (specialized database).


  • Hydroacoustics: profiling, measurements, 3D objects ...
  • Hydrodynamics: currents, turbulence ...
  • Hydrooptics: Disk Sekki ...
  • Hydrophysical parameters of sounding: temperature, density ...
  • Physical interaction ocean-atmosphere ...


  • Salinity.
  • Organic.
  • Metals
  • Petroleum products
  • Pesticides
  • Chemical interaction of the ocean-atmosphere.


  • Phytoplankton, taxonomy, biomass, productivity ...
  • Zooplankton, Taxonomy, Biomass, Productivity ...
  • Necton, taxonomy, biomass, productivity ...
  • Benthos, Taxonomy, Biomass, Productivity ...

Marine Geology.

  • Bottom geomorphology.
  • Tectonic structure of the pool.
  • Hydrogeological phenomena - coastal and deep.
  • Donnye deposits: stratigraphy, lithology, mineralogy ...
  • Sedimentation rate.
  • Gas extraction - sips, torches.
  • Mineral resources.

Marine Geophysics.

  • Gravimetry
  • Magnetometry
  • Geothermometry.
  • Seismic

Legal section.

  • Ukrainian legislation in the field of maritime law. Participation of NAS institutions in state projects and programs that include oceanographic research.
  • Maritime law of the Black Sea states. Participation of NAS in international projects and oceanographic research programs.
  • International Maritime Law. Participation of NAS in global projects and programs, oceanographic research.

Archive section of the structure of the database.

  • Archive section of the DB structure. File archive: presentations, regional GIS, auxiliary soft ......
  • Publications archive: bibliography.

In addition to the above-mentioned databases on the structure sections, a database of gas torches from the bottom of the Black Sea is included in the bank, as well as a database on the core reservoir containing samples of bottom sediments from different parts of the world's oceans. A separate section of the data bank comprise thematic atlases on the marine geology of the Black, Azov, Baltic and Red Seas.

The data bank also contains special software and instructional materials for the preparation of new data for the introduction into specialized databases.

Internet access to the materials of the data bank is possible after authorization on the website of the State institution "Scientific Hydrophysical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" and obtaining appropriate access rights.